Welcome to my blog, a resource which I hope will become a dynamic and comprehensive exploration of the astoundingly immersive sphere of manual therapy and its application and augmentation into contemporary medical practice.

My name is Joshua Myers, I am a 26-year-old Master’s student enrolled in the M.Ost Master’s Degree programme at the renowned College of Osteopaths institute in London, and approaching my third year of Osteopathic studies.

My time over the summer months has been poured into clinical placements and continuous professional development as a prospective Osteopath. These experiences of work have often engaged me in contrasting clinical environments, from a spinal surgeon’s theatre to a Premiership Football club.

These placements have often compelled me as a practitioner to allow myself to step over the precipice of traditionally accepted keystones of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and into a vibrant expanse of surgical procedures, manual techniques and treatment modalities – some of which are in and of themselves contested as medical convention from one profession to another.

As both my studies and my clinical practice gain momentum in approaching qualification and professional registration, I have come to accept the very nature of Osteopathy as a field of practice is inherently progressive. In the sense that as a primary healthcare system it is an endeavour to integrate equitably into modern principles of medical practice whilst maintaining steadfast roots in its fundamental doctrines. This very essence is what I find the most fascinating, leading me to pen this very first blog post.

My overarching objective is that this blog becomes a living discourse of varying matters pertinent to both my clinical studies and my own development as a practitioner. I intend to infuse it with particularly captivating clinical case studies as well as matters I hope will provide an interesting read, for anyone from medical and healthcare practitioners to anybody with an interest in musculoskeletal medicine and osteopathy.

Ultimately, this blog aims to be as much a compilation of interesting articles for the reader as it is a tool of personal reflection – and I must add that schedule permitting I intend to post one entry monthly, although that frequency may rise and fall proportional to work schedule.

Thank you very much for visiting!



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